Gymnasium Projects


Gymnasium is a contemporary art commissioning programme emanating from the University of Lincoln and taking place in the civic fabric of the city, but having its source in an institution of learning, as the original gymnasia would have been.

The commissioned artists will present new works in public locations in the city of Lincoln, alongside associated presentations in the university’s gallery – Project Space Plus – and will also create a print edition from the temporary commission.

The first year of the project will involve three artists/artist’s groups ‘Imagining possible futures’ – engaging with the imperative for social change and the creation of heterotopias and propositions, with reference to the specific situation in Lincoln in the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.


The artists involved in the first year are Ruth Ewan (based London), Annika Eriksson (based Berlin), and Raqs Media Collective (based New Delhi). The commissions are spread across a year period from June 2015 with associated engagement events. The programme is curated by Jeanine Griffin.

Further details here

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