Site Platform

Site Platform was a project which ran at Site in several iterations between 2006 and 2011. The project offered an opportunity for artists to use the gallery space to develop new work in the gallery setting whilst also allowing audiences to engage with the process. The artists were each given up to two weeks in the gallery, during which the projects changed and developed or incorporated events or performances. This gave visitors the opportunity to return at different stages of the project to view or participate.  Each artist’s residency was accompanied by one or more events and a new piece of commissioned writing.

Artists saw the project as a rare and innovative ‘no strings’ developmental project, to test something out in front of an audience and audiences were intrigued by the insight into the artistic process in progress. Artists from the project have gone on to receive Turner Prize nominations and study at the Whitney ISP, New York.


AUDiNT (Toby Heys + Steve Goodman)
Richard Wiliam Wheater
Graham Ellard & Stephen Johnstone
Sonya Dyer
Tom Woolner

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James Brown

Ben Cain

Matt & Ross

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Simon Blackmore

Jerome Harrington

Elizabeth Price

Brigid McLeer

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Duncan Higgins

Michael Graham

Hester Reeve

Evangelia Baskedis

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