Common Ground – Young Curator’s Project

Alongside ‘Shoreline, Skyline, Treetop Messenger’ I ran a Young Curator’s Programme. This curatorial collective of six young curators was formed to create a project to run alongside the work by Juneau projects, also taking as inspiration North Lincolnshire Museum’s bird collection and contemporary issues around biodiversity. The group created an identity as Common Ground.

Common Ground’s young curators participated in an online summer school I led, with input from curators and arts professionals to develop curating and project management skills, alongside networking trips and research, with support and mentoring, to enable them to develop their own project.

Common Ground ultimately curated an art trail around North Lincolnshire, each site an individual display of artworks. They continue to practice as a curatorial collective and work with North Lincolnshire Museum.

three of the Common Ground Curators

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