Shoreline, Skyline, Treetop Messenger

Shoreline, Skyline,Treetop Messenger, Juneau Projects

A project with Invisible Dust and Juneau Projects to curate a participatory project which culminated in an artists’ book and a commissioned artwork which joined the collection of North Lincolnshire Museum.

The artists worked with scientists Tim Birkhead, FRS, Dr Nicola Hemmings and Lucas Mander to explore historic and contemporary bird populations in the local area, and issues causing species decline. They also brought together the local community during the UK’s Covid-19 lock-down in summer 2020, by means of workshops which took place on Zoom where Juneau Projects tutored participants in painting, papercutting, lino printing and wax modelling. The resulting illustrations were brought together to form a book, accompanying writings from collaborating scientists and participants’ wax models were cast in bronze for the final artwork that takes the form of a display cabinet similar to those housing the taxidermy bird collection. The bronze birds are displayed in the cabinet in front of a painted diorama, on specially created ceramic perches. These two elements – the artists’book and the installation form the work: ‘Shoreline, Skyline, Treetop Messenger’ which joins the historic bird collection at North Lincolnshire Museum.

View the artists book

Watch a short film about the project and view a zoom In Conversation between the artists & Dr Nicola Hemmings, which I chaired.

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