Daniel von Sturmer, Set Piece

Solo exhibition, Site Gallery, 2009

The first UK solo show by New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based artist Daniel von Sturmer. The ambitious installation of new video works was presented within a temporary architecture in the gallery created especially for the exhibition. This work followed through strategies used when the artist represented Australia in the Venice Biennale 2007.

The work for Site linked the two gallery spaces, mediating the viewer’s experience of the gallery context and the ‘work’ within it. A number of small video projection screens were integrated into the fabric of the gallery and the new spatial intervention. Using these discrete elements the work forms a synthesis of experience in which the viewer was able to be an active, participatory agent and arbiter of meaning.

The new video works played with the spatial dynamics of pictorial space using familiar everyday materials and objects in new and unexpected ways. The depicted spaces referenced and echoed aspects of the structure and the gallery space itself, creating vignettes which interfaced the real and the pictorial. The videos are intended to be playful, humorous and thought provoking, referencing themselves as visual conceits and pointing to the construction of the visual language we rely on to describe and define the world.

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